Comparison of Top 10 Social Fundraising Websites

    Did you know that friends asking friends to donate results in something like 10 times higher response rates and 52% higher donations than a cold call and email? It’s true and it’s the reason why social fundraising websites have taken off.

    A social fundraising website is a website that allows individuals to create fundraising pages to collect donations for a non-profit. These individuals can personalize the page with text, pictures and videos and share the page with their friends through email and social media. It’s all explained in our article on Crowdsourced Fundraising.

    The benefits are huge. First, by getting your network to fundraise on your behalf, you expand your reach exponentially. Think about it: if you have 5,000 contacts, those 5,000 contacts know hundreds of thousands of people! Second, this exponentially larger network is more likely to give and give more because they were asked by friends. You can do the math. Peer-to-peer fundraising equals big bucks for charity! Here’s a comparison of the top 10 social fundraising websites, to help you decide which one is best for you:


    Transaction Fee
    Example Page
    A Little About Them

    5.2% + $0.30


    Stay Classy includes social media tie-ins that help spread the word. Receipts are sent to donors and you can send thank you letters and track progress. Need a PayPal account.



    Fundly gives donors the option to tell their friends about their donation on lets them know who else has donated on Facebook. Fundly also offers a Facebook app that can be shared among supporters.


    Example makes connecting with Facebook friends, Twitter contacts, and your entire email address book quick, easy, and super efficient. Also includes an iPhone app, mobile-optimized website, widgets and a traditional website.

    4% – 4.5%


    Rally has a sleek interface. You control the look and feel of the page at the overall template level to keep branding elements intact. Individuals can then add their own text, images and video to encourage their network to donate and help spread the word.

    3.5% + $0.25


    Mycharitybox has a unique and interactive interface. You can create custom tokens, so if you are fundraising for a new playground, supports can select a swing or a slide and add it to the pot and watch the charity box donations grow.



    Causes is a Facebook application that allows anyone to set up a Cause for your organization and use their network on Facebook to raise awareness and run advocacy programs for your organization.

    5% +

    $1 – $2.50


    Crowdrise is a great website with lots of neat features that make it fun to fundraise, like offering points for dollars raised. Those with top points get prizes.



    First Giving is well known and allows individuals to create simple pages that can be personalized with pictures, a story and a goal.

    5% + $300/month


    give2gether integrates a mass email service with templates individuals can custom-design. You can also create updates and donor thank-yous customized to your nonprofit’s messaging, look and feel.

    2.5% + $129-$499/ month


    Givezooks! is great grassroots fundraising tool for nonprofits that allows you to get others involved and accepts unwanted gift cards as donations. Organizations have to set up their own payment gateway. 2.5% is an estimate of what a payment processor will charge per donation.

    Most of these websites make it easy for you to download a list of donors and donation amounts. Sumac allows you to quickly import this list to your database, so your new donors are added to your mailing list and become part of your ongoing fundraising strategy! This is very important. You don’t want to let your new donors slip away. If they gave once, they are likely to give again!

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