6 Reasons Your Non-Profit should be using Google+ in 2014

You know social is worth it. You share and engage on Twitter. Your Facebook page is full of interesting content. You blog consistently and share relevant content and tips for your audience. But you may be missing the biggest sleeping giant in your strategy. With over 350 million users, Google+ can and should be a part of your strategy for outreach to potential donors and supporters. here are 6 reasons why.

Key Takeaway: Google+ is an incredible resource for non-profits and costs you $0.

1. Boost Engagement with HQ Images & Graphics

Google + is different from many other networks, because it has a high focus on great images and graphics. Sharing these increases your rankings, and helps build authority with your audience. Charity:water uses pictures to communicate its new ventures and highlight the work its doing globally.

Charity Water

2. You can message with specificity

With how quickly media is changing, your advantage comes when you can find the right people to engage with your content and support your cause. Google+ lets you tag anyone on the network by using a “+”, and connect with them widely.

3. Analytics are built in

It’s hard to improve what you can’t measure. This becomes even harder online, where sometimes there is often an overabundance of data. With Google+, every post can be tracked internally, so you can see who engaged, who liked, and who shared your post.

4. It plays nice with Google products

Somehow someway, Google is involved with your marketing and branding efforts. All Google products fit nicely into Google+, so your Youtube videos can coexist with your pictures, and you can have one place to share them with the world.

5. Google Authorship

If you have ever seen someone’s face next to a search result in Google, than you are looking at Authorship.It was created to showcase expertise and authority, which are things you have, and the world needs to hear. You don’t always have resources to devote to SEO optimization, but Authorship helps make sure your content gets found, and shared.

Google Authorship

6. Nurture your community

You need to connect with your donors, supporters, and prospects. But when they are all over the country or the world, that task becomes incredibly difficult. With Google On-Air Hangouts, you can connect with your audience in person, and for free.

But don’t just take our word for it. Google has a whole community specifically for non-profits, and some helpful guides to get you started. If that’s not enough, we collected some of the top posts on the web to help you start maximizing your presence today. Check them out below!

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