Install Sumac

Icon Disappeared

If your icon has disappeared, follow these instructions.

Upgrading From Free Trial

If you are upgrading from a free trial database, follow these instructions.

Installing Sumac for the First Time

Step 1

Ensure that you have the most recent version of Java installed on your computer. On the Java website, click “Do I have Java?” under the big red button. If you do not have the most recent version, install it. It is necessary to run Sumac. Click here to check or install.

Step 2

Click here to Install Sumac on your computer.

Step 3

To run Sumac, double click the Sumac icon on your desktop or if you don’t see the Sumac icon, open the “.jnlp” file.

  • In Safari, you can locate the “.jnlp” file here.
  • In other browsers the .jnlp file can be found in your Downloads folder. If prompted, tell it to open the file with Java Web Start.
  • if you using Mac and get the error message that this file cannot be open, because it is from unidentified developer, click here.
    If you have trouble with this step, get in touch: +1 416 504 8724, [email protected]


    Taking too long to download – Microsoft Windows

    Depending on the speed of your computer, during the installation of Java there may be one or two long (20 to 30 seconds) pauses during which nothing seems to be happening. Don’t Panic. The installation will continue momentarily.

    The install will go faster if you close all programs (email, word processing, etc.) before starting the installation.

    Extra Prompts About Installation of Extensions – Mac OS

    The Sumac software actually consists of several components. Depending on your version of Mac OS, the first time you run Sumac you may get prompted as each component is installed. Here are the components for which you will be prompted: Mail; MySQL; JavaDB; Apache Commons Codec; Apache Commons Logging; Apache HTTP Components Client; Apache HTTP Components Core.

    Click the Continue or Install button in each of the following windows.

    Install Java-1

    Install Java-2

    Install Java-3

    Technical Help

    CAN: +1 416 504 8724
    USA: +1 716 844 6770
    E-mail: [email protected]