The Perfect Fundraising Letter Template

Fundraising Letter Template

1. The Look

The basic look of the letter must be similar to your stationery, with your logo and address.

2. Johnson Box

A message before the letter is often found in letters, it is used to highlight your key message.

3. Mail Merge Copy

All variable copy (like names and addresses of your recipients, or any other block of copy that needs to be changed) is usually set in a light blue colour, so that the printer know that block changes for each individual recipient.

4. Image

Add an image of the person you are talking about.

5. Font and Punctuation

Use a sans serif typeface. Indent your paragraphs. Keep sentences short.

6. Ask

Ask early and ask often.

7. Signature

Add a live signature in dark blue ink.

8. Add a P.S.

Always include a P.S. and use bold text to make it stand out. Use it to summarize your letter.

9. Donation Form

Use the bottom 3.5” of an 8.5 x 14 (legal size) paper for your donation form.

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