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2. Choose Add-on Options

The second step in creating a Sumac database perfectly tailored for your non-profit is to choose your Add-on Options. Sumac has more Add-on Options than any other non-profit software. Each piece not only integrates with the Basic CRM, but works together. Choose as many as you like to create a complete solution to manage your entire organization.



Sumac Sales enables you to sell goods and services, managing pricing, taxes, discounts, and payment processing. It also keeps track of inventory levels and can handle revenue splits for consignment sales.

Do I Need It?

If you sell goods or services, this Add-on will be helpful to track sales and process payments.


Sumac integrates with Satori, allowing you to validate individual addresses in your database before mailing. This service is ideal for nonprofits that do a lot of shipping! View pricing here.

Sumac Sales Software

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  • Define products and services that can be sold.
  • Automatically calculate taxes, service charges and discounts.
  • Accept donations at the point of purchase, integrating them into a single payment transaction.
  • Report on sales in any time period by service, product or purchaser.


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